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You arrive at a colony on a strange alien world. A diverse community of lifeforms once lived here but now they've vanished. Explore the homes the aliens left behind to discover what happened to them.

Playtime: 5-10 minutes

An experiment in making a super short narrative adventure game. I've made a few hundred mistakes whilst developing this but I'm happy with the result and if I'm lucky so will you.

You can follow me on Twitter at @AllegedRudiJay

v1.0.1 Patchnotes:

  • Improved audio mixing so door sounds are less obnoxious and teleportation is less painful.
  • Fixed some hit boxes that allowed you to clip through the ceiling of the small house.
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date Jan 13, 2017
Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(24 total ratings)
AuthorRudi Prentice
TagsAliens, Atmospheric, Exploration, Low-poly, Mystery, Sci-fi, Short, Story Rich, Voice Acting, Walking simulator
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution_NonCommercial v4.0 International
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Bittersweet but fun! i noticed a roof that had textures i could walk through but other than that the game was nice and solid. thank you very much for this game. i really enjoyed it!

This was kind of sad but really nice. Thanks for making it and letting us play it :)

Cool little game with an interesting story. Nicely done and runs smoothly with no problems. Good job... :)


I hope you don't mind but I really enjoyed your game and I decided to post a video on it on my small gaming channel! Check it out if you have some time! 

Random place, much sadness.

Make sure to follow me @ YouTube as i upload new videos every single day about random games like this!

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A quick, but mysteriously fun indie game. Loving the low-poly look, but wish there were more sounds to set a larger mood for the story behind this planet. Cool voice acting too!

I really enjoyed this short game, the voice acting was a good add-on, not many indie games have that :)

Nice game made a lets play of it im still curious where they go after they run out of food 100,000 yrs ago


I just Lumps Played this, and I quite liked it! It was a really good quickie, perfect for a break from mediocre horror games and whatnot. The plot was simple but it was great for how short the game was, and I can't help but imagine how awesome it would be to play a full 30-60 minutes of this exploring different villages on different planets! Hmm? *hint hint* :D Thanks for the game, and keep it up, the hard work payed off!

Lumps Plays is pop-up commentary, me (Lumps!) commenting witty remarks and opinions vis-a-vis unique pop-ups a la Vh1's Pop-up videos from back in the day. Check it out, you'll love it :D


played the game a while back

don't remember if I gave my thoughts on it tho

Despite how short the game was, I actually enjoyed it. There was an air of mystery leading up to the big reveal at the end. And I felt myself wanting to learn more about these people and their world. The whole experience left me with more questions than I had answers, and I wish there had been more world like this to explore. I hope you consider expanding on this game in the future. Thank you for making it! I uploaded a playthough of my experience, and I hope you enjoy watching! :)

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I like this game, aside from the issues, there's good story building here, and a nice, crisp Stanley Parable narration going on. The open ended story is fun, it leaves room for imagination which some games nowadays lack. But if you want to take your game to the next level, there are just a few things I'd recommend.

1: Door sounds. Very, loud, repetitive door sounds. Lower the volume on them just a tad, and make it so that once a door opens, it won't close for at least two seconds. An opening animation would be nice, but not necessary.

2: The telepad whirring. It's deafeningly loud, kicked off my tinnitus into overdrive, PLEASE decrease it to about half.

3: An intro sequence with a data screen showing an objective would be nice contextualization, something along the lines of:


- Initiating boot sequence ____________________________________________

D/T == 8 / 17 / 49XX // 11 : 17 AM

Clearance == Research : Exploration : Type A

Location == O A R Facility 177903 : 13 ____________________________________________

Welcome to the Osiris Archetype Research program

Current objective == Determine condition of indigenous life on surface // Full investigation necessary // Return when complete

Mission status == Debriefed, ready to deploy

Thank you for participating in the Osiris Archetype Research program

- Beginning transport ____________________________________________

4. If you want to take this to a full scale game, I'd suggest having multiple maps, with different layouts, some at night, some in ruins, maybe. Spice it up a little and it will go a long way. Another cool feature would be to have an item system where you can get flashlights, or tools that help you get into certain rooms. I'm thinking a shop mechanic where, in between maps, you can sell the artifacts you collected from the planet's surface in exchange for a currency that can get you the helpful items I already mentioned. Finding a companion would be REALLY cool.

All in all, just fix the sounds, and I won't have a problem with this game. The other stuff I mentioned is just to take the game from "like it" to "love it."


4 minute game? Sorry man, I'd rather see a movie

This game was pretty alright. I liked how the mystery of the whole game kept me wanting to play until the end. There were moments when I did feel a bit creeped out but it's for lame reasons haha. The length was good considering how there wasn't much for the game to move forward. However, I was disappointed with how the game ended because it left me wanting more. If you're wanting to play the game, get ready for a pretty disappointing ending. Also, if you're not a fan of short games, this game is not for you.

If you want, you can check out the playthrough I did of this game below:

If you liked what you saw, come check out my channel for more videos like this by clicking on the link:


The game left a good mark on my mind and the artstyle was fantastic. It was too short but I guess it is normal for a indie game. Only thing annoyed me was the sounds of the doors. But it is nothing important for a good indie game like this. Nice job.

I' am an absolute sucker for these kinds of artstyles and this looks so nice.
I really enjoyed playing it, and had fun exploring the different houses. :)

Liked the game a lot. Did have some complaints, but their nothing huge.

All the lonely people, where do they all bel... disappear to?

Interesting story, with a rich environment to explore. Had fun rooting around in houses, and the final reveal was neat. Agree with others that the teleporter noise could be brought down a notch and a couple of voice sections (especially the final reveal) could have done with being a bit louder.

So, great little habitat to get lost in and an interesting story means that I'll be looking forward to more from you in the near future. Keep up the good work!

I've included my gameplay below for your viewing pleasure:

Really enjoyable. Other than some sound balance issues I'd look forward to seeing more from this particular title :)

I really liked the game ! You guys should just adjust the volume of the teleporting sounds but the rest is super cool !!!!

Hello! I really enjoyed your game, it was interesting and fun to play as well as being a well built world! I made a let's play along with another game,

Oh I liked this. I liked this a lot! I love the whole "draw your own conclusion" aspect to it. I reckon there could be loads of potential for future spin-offs of this. Perhaps the same guy, just hopping from planet to planet trying to find some... I don't know! What's he looking for? Companionship? Money? Somewhere to invade? So many possibilities!

All in all, awesome concept, loved it immensely! Keep up the great work!

Quirky and beautiful game dealing with space exploration and discovering what happened to the alien life on a desolate planet. This game had some really cool ideas and peaked my interest just enough to leave me wanting more. So many questions left unanswered but so much potential...

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I didn't see the real value of the game because i had my headphones muted accidentally, but After re-watching my video I realized that the game is actually kind of cool! My new rating: 6.5/10

Hey! Awesome short game, quite an interesting little story :)

I created a gameplay! nice game but need more story and the doors keep blowing up my eardrum.


I really liked the concept of this game, though I do wish there would have been a little bit more of a backstory to it so the player could understand better. :c But the idea of exploring different worlds and learning about the people who used to live there was really cool, I liked that a lot. Also, I personally thought the opening/closing for the doors was a tad bit too loud. I hope to either see you expand on this game or make more games like this. Can't wait for your next game and thank you so much for making this! :D

I really liked the atmosphere of this game! If you wanted to, I feel like you could do even more with this concept, but it's a solid game as it stands.

(Video will be up at 4:00 PM EST)

very nice! the only thing i'd suggest is maybe a quieter sound for the door opening/closing.

I really like the idea for this game, would love to be able to explore more planets and mysteries!

Played the game, here's a little video!

Made a video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38wKH6LReQs

Quite enjoyed it! Good job on voice acting! Love the apparent pointlessness. :)


Loved the video Iwan, it's always great to see how people react to your work. Things that are harder to consider when you're making a game are player expectations, like if you put in space vampires, it better pay off. I'll definitely be thinking about this video when I work on my next project.


Anticlimaxes can be made the point of art too. Like making an anti-jumpscare game :)