Boss Battle Generator v1.1 Released

Hi all!

The v1.1 update has been out for a little while now but I thought I'd do a quick devlog about it. This focused on fully implementing some features that were cut from the v1.0 build, as well as a few bug and issue fixes.

  • Added generated boss stats - health points and speed multiplier.
  • Added a health bar and the ability to damage the boss in playtest mode.
  • Added a failure state when getting hit by projectiles in playtest mode.
  • Added different projectile types, at this point including tracking shots.
  • Added a couple more attack types for firing tracking projectiles.
  • Fixed bug where weapons wouldn't be correctly oriented.
  • Fixed bug where bosses would randomly regenerate.
  • Added the "feature" to quit the game.

Look forward to the next update! Not sure when it'll be but I'll intend to add Mac and Linux support then, alongside a couple more key features like name generation!


Boss Battle Generatior 19 MB
May 20, 2019

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